As a mover I understand how moving can be a daunted task especially having to deal with the difficulties relocation brings. Duker’s movers LLC are trained professionals who are there to assist, and give useful tips, provide a broad range of moving services, competitive price that is right for all funds.

Residential Moving Services
Services include:


Does not include moving assistance, unless other arrangements are made, customer will be responsible for all packing. However, for additional fee, Duker’s Movers will assist with packing
prior to the actual move. Packing must be done at least one day in advance of move and does not affect the minimum charge for the move.


Moves are based upon our surrounding Fredericksburg, Virginia greater area. Any of the neighboring cities are consider our local. Spotsylvania, Massaponx, Lady Smith, Culpeper, Stafford, Dale City, Dumfries, Woodbridge and approximately any 30 miles radius from our location.

Long Distance

As a small business, we can go the distance. Moving to a new destination can be an exciting experience but in turns it can also be devastation. Whether you’re moving few hours, or moving out of State, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure, the whole move and experience goes smooth.

Assistance Loading and Unloading

At times loading can be a technical and puzzling job, so whether you have your own rental truck or you need us to unload your rental truck. We will be more than glad to provide you with the service of your request. We have a competitive price that is affordable to your move size. It’s important to have a well experienced mover to assist you with all of your moving necessities. In this case, your goods are correctly packed, items are prevented and not damage and rental truck also have been utilize.
Duker’s Movers LLC offers a wide-range of moving services that will pleasure all your moving needs. At any point you have questions or perhaps have concern about your move, do not hesitate to call us and we are open 24/7 to answer all calls. For proper scheduling or estimate please feel free to contact us at dukersmoversllc@gmail.com or you can reach us at

Packing Tips

To help make your move smoother and more enjoyable, we provide some handy tips for packing your belongings:

Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter bulky items in larger boxes,
do not over or under-pack boxes.

If you over-pack, the box is likely to split and you’ll have things protruding from the top.
The mover will find it difficult to stack your packed boxes neatly on the truck; under-packing boxes is also detrimental because the top of the box will often become dented or crushed
Always use newer, stronger boxes; boxes that have been used often may not keep your belongings as safe as a newer box; used grocery store boxes will work fine for sturdy items, but make sure you pack breakables in something more substantial.

Pack a suitcase or box of items that you will need for your first day or week in your new home.

Check for any special moving requirements with regards to electronic equipment; also make sure that major appliances and electronics are properly serviced before they are packed or moved.

Use materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap and packing tape to protect your items;
wrapping items in newspaper is a cheaper alternative, but it may leave unwanted marks and stains on your items.


ORGANIZATION is the KEY to successful packing.

Use permanent marks and/or labels to keep track of the items that are in the boxes (marked “FRAGILE” where necessary)
For your records, make a list of everything that is packed in order to ensure your items are available as needed.

Organized packing can make it easier to unpack. do not toss items in the box.

(You want to enjoy the moving experience, plus it’s a lot easier on the movers)

Put a label on or mark the boxes to which room they belong to
Start packing 2 weeks to a month ahead of time (Rushing can cause a lot of stress)
Throw away items you really don’t need or have a garage sale (less packing.)